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VoIP - Voice over IP

We use local networks and the world wide web to exchange written information on a daily basis, so why not use them for spoken information?

Cisco VoIP

Nowadays, internet- and networkspeeds are amazingly high. But after all, you don't need to have a full-super-turbo-fiberconnection to enjoy calling over the internet.

We cater both individuals with just one connection and companies with multiple extensions (that can be positioned inside different branches) with stable VoIP solutions. Our solutions are based on the ultra stable Astrisk platform from Digium.

The major difference with a traditional "fixed phone", is the absence of monthly fees. A (Belgian) phone number costs 18 euros (once) and other costs only consist of the minutes you actually call.

Digium VoIP

At a Voice-over-IP system, the calls travel over an IP network, but are still reachable from the "plain old telephone grid" and any mobile phone, you can even transfer your old "analog" phone number to the VoIP platform.

All Belgian phone-zones are available, if your company has multiple branches over different phone-zones, you can supply them with their own local phone number (or group them at a central reception desk for further dispatch).

Siemens Gigaset VoIP

And to get rid of an untrue "urban legend", your computer doesn't need to stay on all the time. Nowadays all modern VoIP phones are able to connect independently to the server(s).

Connected VoIP

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